Slow Ride Take it Easy

Today’s tip is to slow down your run to increase benefits to your heart and body! As I obsessed and worried about not being able to run faster, I did a lot of reading about the benefits of running vs walking and of running slow.  According to some research I read, the best workout for… Continue reading Slow Ride Take it Easy


One of the first spices I used in my quest to be healthier was turmeric.  Turmeric’s main active ingredient is curcumin which is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties.  A few years back, I was trying to wean myself off some medications and spoke to a holistic nutritionist who recommended I take a daily dose of… Continue reading Turmeric

Sleep Your Secret Weapon

My sleep struggles are well known to anyone who has received an email or text from me at 3:00 AM.  My midnight musings are well documented and laughed about.  Sometimes I find people during the day and say, “Last night I was thinking..”, followed by my latest idea.  It seems that my mind is very… Continue reading Sleep Your Secret Weapon

Foam Rolling

If you love going for a massage then this weeks tip is for you!  Investing in a foam roller can provide you with an affordable alternative to massage therapy.  Those round pieces of foam can deliver so many benefits of a deep tissue massage without the cost.  And, they are so easy to take with… Continue reading Foam Rolling

Tracking Fitness

During a conversation with my nutritionist, I came to realize that I needed to track more than just my nutrition.  I was telling her how much I work out and felt I wasn’t making enough gains.  I went over my workout schedule for the week and explained how hard I was working each day.  She… Continue reading Tracking Fitness

Thursday Tips & Tricks – Morning Elixir

It seems that everything I read about prevention of disease comes back to nutrition.  One easy addition to my life has been a morning elixir.  If you want a new way to start your day in a healthy way, this recipe is for you.  This week’s tip is for a super easy to make morning… Continue reading Thursday Tips & Tricks – Morning Elixir

Thursday Tips & Tricks

Sometimes in life we feel slightly off balance.  Sometimes in exercise, being off balance can open up a world of opportunity. When exercising, the ground under us is not always smooth or flat.   This week my training tip is to invest in, or look at the gym for, a Bosu ball to add to… Continue reading Thursday Tips & Tricks